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Course Details:

AgileBA - Agile Business Analysis



This courses takes one of the central roles within the AgilePM framework and expands their input and responsibilities with respect to Business Analysis as a Business Architect in general, and Analyst for the project. However, the role is more that of a negotiator and objective overseeing and so not taking a direct involvement in the solution, but does have a key part to play, especially understanding the AS IS---TO BE aspect.


Who is it for


• For anyone who is looking to move into a business analyst role in programmes and/or projects as the course provides advice on focus and value-delivery and guidance on working with business stakeholders, developers, testers and outlines the skills needed to deliver solutions incrementally.


• If you are already a PM (programme and/or project manager) and would like to enhance your skills and capability, this course will provide you with an insight into the business side of change and give you what we call "The PM Advantage".


• PMs already acting as BAs on programmes and projects (and many of us do from time to time, especially if you are a consultant PM!) the course will enhance your business understanding and strengthen your ability


• If you are already acting in the role of Business Analyst, the AgileBA course will provide you with the knowledge and understanding on analyzing the business current state, the AsIs”, the vision, The ToBe, the relevance of the change, and how to attain it, the Gap.


• For an organization, the AgileBA will provide a standard approach to executing agile projects, as the approach is aligned with AgilePM and AgilePgM courses. The course informs Agile and traditional project managers – who often also have business analysis responsibilities, of the content of an Agile business analyst role in addition to educating them on Agile techniques.


In all cases the course explains the Business Analyst’s role relevant to the different aspects of the AgilePM methodology.


Why follow this course


The course takes you through the business analysis tools to help you understand the business environment, the organization and the strategic change it seeks and whether it is relevant and the "pros and cons" of the change.


The Modelling aspect looks at the current environment "AsIs" and then at the Vision the "ToBe" and the 'gap' in between is the "How" that needs to be understood and then planned for on getting from the current state to the future state.


What is covered


The main subjects of the course are:

• Business Analysis

o Business Environment and Organizational Strategy

o Above using External/Internal analysis (Porters 5 forces/SWOT for example)

• Overview of Agile Project Management (AgilePM)

• The Business Case in an Agile environment

• Stakeholder Engagement and Analysis

• Techniques:

o Requirements and Estimating;

o Prioritization;

o Timeboxing and Iterative Development;

o Planning;

o Facilitated Workshops

• Modelling - main section on this subject as much of the analysis revolves around understanding the "AsIs - ToBe"

• Making the transition to AgileBA


How is it delivered


The course is delivered over four (4) days and includes two exams,


Foundation – 50 multiple choice questions in 40 mins;

Practitioner – 4 main questions (80 individual ones in all), objective-based questions (still multiple choice);

The pass mark is 50%for both exams


It is a fully accredited course via an Accredited Training Organization.


Where and When


The venue for each delivery will mainly be in London (near Chancery Lane Tube)


If there is enough interest to run on a company location, this can also be discussed.





AgileBA Agile Business Analysis