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AgilePM - Agile Project Management

AgilePM Agile Project Management

Course Details:

AgilePM - Agile Project Management



The AgilePM guidance, developed in partnership between APMG and the Agile Business Consortium, offers a practical and repeatable methodology that achieves an ideal balance between the standards, rigour and visibility required for good project management, and the fast pace, change and empowerment provided by agile.


The focus of agile project management is on developing solutions incrementally enabling project teams to react effectively to changing requirements, whilst empowering project personnel and encouraging increased collaboration and ownership.


Who is it for


AgilePM certification is aimed at aspiring and practising project managers, and at team members wishing to adopt a fast-paced, flexible and collaborative approach to project management whilst maintaining standards and rigour.


It is also a course for anyone involved with projects that incorporate an "Agile" approach besides the Team and Project Managers,who wish to understand more about the approach and its practical application in delivering business change


Why follow this course


The course takes you through the history of Agile, then looks at the philosophy behind it and how it is relevant for today's project delivery and change. Then you are taken through the lifecycle, products roles and responsibilities (governance) Techniques such as MoSCoW (Prioritization) and Timeboxing and others and how they are used throughout the lifecycle and when. The course will give a you a complete framework/guidance into delivering an "Agile" project.


What is covered


The main subjects of the course are:


Section 1 - Foundations

• Overview of Agile Project Management (AgilePM)

• Philosophy

• Principles

• Success Factors

• Lifecycle

• Roles and Responsibilities

• Products

• Techniques:

o Prioritization

o Timeboxing

o Iterative Development

o Facilitated Workshops

o Modelling


Section 2 - Digging Deeper (Practitioner)

• Detailed view,From a PM  perspective

o Principles

o Roles

o Lifecycle and Products

o Prioritization and Timeboxes

• Requirements and Estimating;

• Quality

• Planning

• Risk


How is it delivered


The course is delivered over four (4) days and includes two exams,


Foundation – 50 multiple choice questions in 40 mins;

Practitioner – 4 main questions (80 individual ones in all), objective-based questions (still multiple choice);

The pass mark is 50%for both exams


It is a fully accredited course via an Accredited Training Organization.



AgilePM Agile Project Management