The realisation of global, governmental, industrial and private sustainability strategies for the future of our society, environment and economy, through project management.


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DELLA PORTA CONSULTING represents GPM-Global worldwide with Antony della Porta as an Executive Advisor of GPM Global providing:


•Support partner organizations worldwide

•Strengthen the GPM network and provide all those with an interest in the

  professional development efforts of project professionals

•Encourage the sharing of knowledge and practice among partners

•Facilitate worldwide collaborative activities

•Serve as a conduit for information on relevant information and opportunities

•Enable regional engagement in national and international discussions & initiatives





Certification Path


Corporate Social Responsibility is playing an increasingly large role in how consumers, stakeholders, employees, and competitors view organizations and the demand for skilled project managers that can apply sustainable methods to projects is in high demand.


Organizations need to be assured the individuals that manage their projects can integrate methods to achieve sustainability goals and still achieve project specific objectives. Project Managers need credentials that validate their proficiency with these specialized qualities.


The GPM® Certification track for project and program managers provides the roadmap for professionals to learn, apply, and validate mastery of sustainability based project methods to meet these demands.


For further details on the GPM Certifications please go to the GPM website.

About the GPM Organization


Our purpose is to be an igniter in the evolution of the discipline of project management and to improve delivery capability without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Our organization's three pillar approach to professional development encompasses Methodology, Education, and Certification which serves to stimulate current working practices with an increased awareness of the eco-environmental, financial, and societal impacts that project processes and resulting products have.


As contributors to and members of the United Nations Global Compact, our commitment to global citizenship is embodied in our efforts to help individuals and organizations around the world build skills that empower them to participate and contribute to a healthy economy with a commitment to environmental and social stewardship.


GPM is the only international project management professional development organization with a sole focus on sustainability.

GPM's PRiSM Practitioner course is the first IPMA Registered course to come from the Americas.

GPM is a member of ANSI and the certification process aligns with ISO 17024

Their consortium is comprised of over 100 project and program managers.

The courses are available in over 130 countries giving GPM the second largest reach of any project management certifying organization

GPM is competence enablers of the asapm (IPMA-USA).

A member and contributor to the United Nations Global Compact and supporters of the PRinciples for Responsible Management Education program or PRME.


Green Project Management Accreditations:





GPM-b is the exam based foundation level certification for the green project manager and first of the three certifications on this pathway. To see more detail please click here.







GPM is the next level certification for the green project manager and is competency based, requiring the Project Manger to submit project scenario descriptions and complexity ratings and a white paper




GPM is the highest level certification for the green project manager and is competency based, requiring the Project Manger to submit four project scenario descriptions and complexity ratings and a publishable technical paper


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