DELLA PORTA CONSULTING has been providing expert advice, support and help with any aspect of your organization's project management strategy for many years. We do this through individual coaching, or workshops for group and business areas. We work along side your people in order to ensure that the ownership and therefore the ensuing change comes from them and the organization. Its helping you understand what you need and how you want to deliver that change. No "template" or "cookie-cutter" type solution, each solution is bespoke to your needs, your organizational culture. We want to make sure that the organizational/business area/portfolio cultural change that results through project and programme delivery is the one that is wanted and needed.


Our approach to programme and project recovery is on the same lines. Sometimes one has to take a step back as look at the difficulties being experienced to assess if these are because the solution is trying to fit a "round peg in a square hole" and therefore review the overall strategic need of the change.


To support the above we also develop courses for organizations to fit with their current practices whilst also employing ‘best practice’ methods in delivering business strategy successfully to give an organization a more relevant framework and guidance to delivering business change


Core competencies being in understanding the human resource element in projects, organization and governance criteria and requirements along with the financial and budgetary aspects,



Strategic assessment and planning in business change


  • providing objective review and input using business analysis from external and internal approaches to help businesses understand the current and future states, the "AsIs - ToBe" and so be in a better strategic position for the planning


Seminars and talks to prepare for strategic change


  • often, many of the above provisions are best achieved through group workshops and seminars for collaborative and interactive discussions and decisions, organizational story-telling and providing a platform for collaboration, where everyone has buy-in and ownership of the solution and how it is arrived at


On-going consultations, support, guidance and advice


  • work with individuals, teams and business areas post main course delivery for expansion, enhancement and deeper
  • tutorials, "HowTos", through seminars, short courses and workshops, tailored to your business needs


Project recovery


  • reviewing and realigning of projects and programmes that are "in trouble" or just need some outside/objective input to being them back on track, looking at what needs to be delivered for the business change and the timeframe and budget required (allocated) for the delivery to ensure realistic plans are drawn up and adjust where required/advised


Project Recovery surgeries


  • where direct involvement in the recovery is not seen as the most productive way, because the organization would rather their own teams and individuals understood how the project got into trouble and so find ways to recover as a "lessons learned" approach, then we provide facilitation in achieving that - support but not direct involvement


Resource management


  • advice on getting the best out of any resource, people, systems, tools, facilities. Anything required by the project/programme


Organization Maturity Model Assessments using the GPM PSM3 on Project Management structure, methods and skills/training and in particular for Sustainability


  • a number of the above areas can be addressed by employing the GPM maturity model PSM3 as this approach looks at the "AsIs - ToBe" and works to understand and provide the GAP in between, specifically from the organization's perspective and works with the organization to look at ways to develop the ToBe. There is no template/standard approach, it is always bespoke


Methodology - tailoring; integration and implementation


  • linked to the organization specific courses, supporting the embedding of the method into the culture and practice within the organization/business areas/groups and individuals


Specialist training courses


  • develop courses for up-skilling anyone that will be involved n the change programme or impacted by it for the "ToBe" state


Development of organization-specific course ware


  • develop training material for organizations for more broad use, for example, bespoke Project and programme method training




Providing guidance and assistance to organizations and individuals in the pursuit of best practice methods through facilitated workshops, consultancy and mentoring, in all aspects of project management.

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